Kick off of Evelyn Rose Soap’s new soapy blog

Greetings all!  This the kick off of my new blog, and my first foray into blogging.  This is an exciting(and nerve racking) night since I am also opening my first Etsy store and starting my first Facebook page today too.

In addition, I want to make some exciting new announcement about my soap.   I have located a manufacture of 100% natural fragrance oils.  This is a big deal for a soap maker who only uses natural scents.  In the past, I have located many manufactures of natural fragrance oils, but they only sold to large companies that bought in quantities of thousands of dollars.  However, one of these companies has changed their policies and no longer have a minimum order amount, which means I can buy their oils too…Yah!!! So I am currently testing their natural fragrance oils in my soaps, and I hope to have some ready to sell in a couple of months.


These bars are scented with a blend of bitter almond(smells like cherries), vanilla, and sandalwood.  There are 4 red, tan, and white bars, and 4 pink and tan bars.  They are more brownish/tan than I hoped, but this is was not a huge surprise due to the vanilla content of the essential oil blend.

I would like to thank my hubby for helping me set up and put all the finishing touches on my blog, Etsy, and facebook pages.  I don’t think I would have been able to do get this up and running without him.  I also want to thank the Soap Queen/Bramble Berry founder, Anne-Marie Faiola, for her timely Bramble Business Basics series on her blog this summer.  I had told my hubby for months I need to get my butt in gear and get my online business started, and her informative blog postings helped to give me the kick in the pants to get it done.


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