How buying Evelyn Rose Soaps helps support other small, local, and family owned business

Small Business Saturday got me thinking about how every purchase of Evelyn Rose Soaps helps to support other small, local, and family owned business, and I wanted to tell you how and spotlight a few of these companies.

All Evelyn Rose Printing (business cards, banner, T-shirts, labels, etc) is done by Crazy Native in Douglasville.  They are owned and operated by a great husband and wife team, and they do awesome work.   I just ordered new soap stamps last week, and once they come in, all of our future soap packaging will be 100% recyclable.   We are really excited to phase out the old labels and have these beautiful stamps for our back label (ie the ingredients in each bar) in addition to the front logo stamp and contact info stamp we already use.   Since our soaps are 100% natural and green, we really wanted our soap packaging to be the same.  Plus they just look so great!  Even if you are not in the Douglas or Paulding county GA area, you can still check out Crazy Native on-line.   They go to show you don’t have to use a large national printing company to have beautiful and professional printing done.  Support mom and pop companies!

A great local Atlanta soap supply company is  I have seen this company grow from just a one man operation to several employees.  This was the very first company I ever bought soap supplies from, and a few years ago, after badgering the owner for months (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one), he allowed for local pickups…yah!   This works out great since their warehouse is just a few miles from my chiropractor’s office, and this means I don’t have to pay for shipping.  Then I can pass the savings on to my customers.  A win-win!

Next on my list is Lebermuth Company.   This is a family owned and operated essential and fragrance oil company that has been in business for over 100 years.  This is were I get all those great certified 100% natural fragrance oils, and I also use their essential oils too.  I just love them.  Not only do they have a extensive selection of natural products (I only use natural ingredients), but they also have a great customer service team.  Brynne Spiritoso is my favorite customer service rep there….I just love her, and she is great!  It’s also great that they have small samples you can purchase and try out in a small batch of soap since they sell all their oils by the pound.

Last, but not least, is Brambleberry.   They are another small company with great customer service, and not only do they have a huge selection of raw ingredients for soap makers, the company’s owner, Anne-Marie Faiola, runs a helpful blog with great ideas and solutions for troubleshooting soap issues.   It’s always great to get new ideas, and even if I don’t end up using what’s in her post, they still help to get the creative juices following, and help me to think about other designs I want to do with my soaps.  Their site also contains helpful (and free) soap and scent calculators that you have to pay for elsewhere.  This saves me money, and I can pass it along to my customers.   

I just can’t say enough about these four small companies, and I really love doing business with them.  Every time you purchase one of my products, you are indirectly supporting them too.

Below are some of my soaps I have created using products from the companies I bragged on above.





Don’t forget to check out my Etsy store to purchase your soaps today! 

Also, “like” my Facebook page (not just the posts, but “like” those too since it gives me feedback on what you want to see more of) to get an entry into our Facebook give away contest.  We are giving away a $20 box of our soaps once we get 200 “likes” for our page(not the post).  You can get up to 3 entries for “liking” our Facebook page, following this blog, and making a comment on this blog.  If you have already done this, don’t worry your are entered into our contest, but please send me an email (, with your contact info in case your win.  I want to make sure I can contact you if you do.  

Here’s the soap we are giving away for our Facebook contest.



2 thoughts on “How buying Evelyn Rose Soaps helps support other small, local, and family owned business

  1. It’s great to know the thought that goes behind every decision you make for your soap business, and your desire to support other small businesses as well.
    Your soaps look lovely! I especially like the deep purple and pink soap, and the frosty Christmas soaps. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I am proud to support these small businesses and happy to tell others about them.
      I really have a lot of fun with the soap. I think of soap as my creative outlet and call it my soap art. 🙂

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