How Do You Do That??? Part 2

Happy 2014!

I wanted to have another behind the scenes post showing my soap making process.  This batch of soap was for my father-in-law’s Christmas present.  He loves a 100% coconut soap (with a 20% superfat so it’s not drying), and I pre-melted the coconut oil.  He likes “spicy” soaps, and this batch is scented with a blend of orange, clove, and cinnamon leaf essential oils.  Since I master batch my lye (here is great blog post about lye master batching from another blogger), I’m ready to get started with the soap.

Measuring the premade lye/water.




Mixing the lye/water, goat’s milk, and pre-melted coconut oil which starts the saponification process-the term for the chemical reaction where lye is mixed with fats (in my soaps- veggie oils and goat’s milk), and the two transform into soap.



I am coloring 75% of the soap with orange mica, and leaving the rest white.



Next, I’m doing an in-the-pot swirl technique.



Here, I’m pouring the soap into individual mold cavities, careful not to mix the colors together.



Soap is poured, and now it needs to set up for 24 hours before I can unmold it.



24 hours later, and the soap has been unmolded.  I was going for an orange football shaped soap with just small amounts of white through out.  It also got the seal of approval from our little “tester” who said, “Mm, smell good!”


I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes view of the soap making process.  Please feel free to let me know if you want some more of the behind the scene blog posts.


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