Update On Our Facebook Contest

To get our Facebook page off to a good start, we are holding a drawing for a free box of our soaps worth $20.

All that is required to enter the contest is to “like” us on our Facebook page, and when we get to at least 50 “likes” for our page (not just the post, although keep doing those too so I know the kinds of things you want to see), I will do a drawing for the winner. Also, if you, “follow” this blog your name will be entered into the drawing, and if you make a comment on this blog, you can get an additional entry (up to 3 total). If you’ve already “liked” us on Facebook, “followed” our blog, or made a comment on our blog, don’t worry, you are already entered into the drawing. The drawing is opened to anyone in the US over the age of 18 (excluding my relatives).

When you like our Facebook page, please email me (evelynroseproducts@gmail.com) how your name appears on Facebook so I can make sure I have the correct email/name match to notify the winner.

Here are the 4 goat’s milk soap bars in the giveaway.  There is a lavender scented bar, 2 citrus flame bars, and a palm free bar made with shea and cocoa butter and scented with a essential oil blend of bitter almond (smells like cherries), vanilla, and sandalwood.


We only need 6 more “likes” on our facebook page to get to 50.

Good luck!


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