My New Hanger Swirl Toy From Great Soap Shop

Last year I found some cool bakery/kitchen utensils from Michael’s, and I’ve used several of them make a hanger swirl in my soaps, and they’ve worked great to make a kind of “smokey” swirl.  They were less then $10 at the time.

This was poured at thin-medium trace.



This was poured at just emulsified consistency.  Same utensil just different pour consistency.

Last Christmas Soaps 201365

Although I really like the smokey look both of these soaps, I saw several different beautiful soaps swirled using the hanger swirl tool from Great Soap Shop. The tools are made by the husband of Michelle, owner of Great Soap Shop, and if you’ve read my blog before, you know how I love to support other small/family owned businesses.   So of course, I was anxious to get one, and try it out.  Michelle and I emailed back and forth a few times, and she is very pleasant and easy to work with-always a good sign when you are ordering from someone on-line.  I ordered the tool on Tuesday, and it was delivered to me on Saturday.   Here is Michelle’s YouTube video on using this tool.

I’ve made one batch using it so far, and I was really happy with the swirls.  I poured this batch at emulsified consistency since it’s a spicy Chia Tea soap, and it tends to set up pretty fast with the clove and cinnamon EO’s.



Here you can see the little marks where I used the hanger tool.


And the final soap.


I only cut 4 bars from the loaf (Brambleberry’s 10 in silicone mold) since I made the soap only 20 hours ago, and it been my experience in the past, any bars cut before 48 hours develop a lot of ash, but I wanted to cut these so I could show you how the tool works.

I plan to make a citrus EO’s batch tonight and pour it at thin-medium trace to see how different the swirls look.

I now have two different ways to do the hanger swirl, and I really like the look of soap swirled with kitchen bakery utensils and the new hanger swirl tool from Great Soap Shop. They show how different tools can really affect how the hanger swirl looks in soap.



6 thoughts on “My New Hanger Swirl Toy From Great Soap Shop

  1. Thanks for sharing the different hanger swirl results you got at different soap consistencies. Do you have any preference?
    Your new tool rocks! It looks so solid. I can’t say the same for my improvised hanger swirl tool. It’s bent and crooked.:)

    • Hi Sylvia! I really like both, and even though I’m using the same technique, the results are so different due to the shape of the tools that I plan to continue to use both. I like to have several different design techniques that convey a mood/look I’m going for in each soap.
      The tool is extremely solid and sturdy. Plus the hanger part of it is covered in plastic which made is so easy to wipe clean. I tried to make my own before with a hanger, and it wasn’t pretty so I was over the moon to find her tool for sale. 🙂

  2. Heather, thank you so much for showcasing my hanger tool. Because it is built so sturdy, the hanger tool should work well even at thicker trace or with acceleration. I’m so glad you are enjoying the new tool. -Michelle

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