Mantra Swirled Soap Using The Great Soap Shop Straight Dividers

In addition to the Hanger Swirl tool I purchased from Great Soap Shop, I also purchased their Straight Dividers set that can be used for both mantra and Taiwan swirl designs.

For this first soap, I attempted to use Kenya of Modern Soap Making’s modified mantra swirl, and I say attempted since my internal swirl did not look anything like swirls on her bars.  They still turned out ok though since soap is very forgiving, and as long as you don’t over swirl it and make a big grey mess of the colors, most of the time the swirls still look interesting.    I think the soap might have looked better if I had moved the hanger tool through the middle and bottom layers more, but  I was worried about messing up the top layer and destroying the mantra swirl.


I wanted this soap to have a unisex appeal, so I balanced the sweet scent of the lime and orange, with peppery petitgrain and a touch of lavender essential oils, and I decided to use subdued colors with varying amounts of gray.

100_1562    100_1586


For the next batch of mantra swirl soap, I wanted to change it up a bit, and I did an ITP swirl at medium trace filling mold about 2/3 of the way full.  Next I partially inserted the dividers and poured the individual colors on top to make 3 separate blocks of color necessary for the mantra swirl.  After removing the dividers, I very carefully spooned the rest of the soap batter into mold so that the mold was almost full and then did the mantra swirl as normal.  I wanted this batch to be a bright and sunny contrast to the previous subdued batch so I used very sparkly white, yellow, and pink micas, and a blend of orange, lime, lemon, and litsea cubeba essential oils.



These dividers are very flexible in allowing you to make one design on the inside of your bars, but still do a traditional mantra swirl on the top of your bars.  My favorite part-no more holding cardboard!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Mantra Swirled Soap Using The Great Soap Shop Straight Dividers

  1. The tops of your soap have perfect mantra swirls and the colors are gorgeous! The yellow is so bright and cheerful. I have never achieved a really nice yellow. Mine is usually too light, too dull or just so-so.
    Your scent blends sound wonderful and fresh! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      That is Empire Yellow from Nurture Soap supplies, and it’s a really pretty pastel yellow. I’ll tell you a little secret for brighting yellow and orange micas-mix them with 5 X Orange EO (New Directions Aromatics) or 10 X Orange EO (Brambleberry). These are my favorites. For this batch, I mixed 1.5 tsp of Empire Yellow Mica with .75 oz of 5 X Orange EO and add 15 oz of soap batter to that EO/mica mixture. It really brights up the mica. I mixed my other two micas with 5X Lemon, LItsea, and distilled Lime since I knew they would not change the colors of the micas. I really prefer to mix my micas with EO’s. I swear it makes the scent stick better too.

      • Thank you for sharing your secret! 🙂 when I use essential oils I don’t use micas as I want to keep the soap all natural. But I can mix E.O.s and F.O.s and use micas. I have to try your awesome tip one of these days. 🙂

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