Small Business Saturday 2014

For last year’s Small Business Saturday, I focused on local & family owned business, and this year I want to focus on small businesses owned by women, and some of their supplies that really stand out.

Nurture Soap Supplies not only has beautiful cold process soap stable micas, but the owner, Carrie, has also posted a handy mica color comparison chart (in CP soap) on her site.  She has some really lovely pink micas.  Pink Lemonade and Fandango Pink really stand out as unique from the other pink micas I have.

Magic Rainbow-use NSS’s Fandango Pink,and Vibrance Green and & Orange.


Patchouli-use NSS’s Pink Lemonade, Dazzling Blue, Sunshine Yellow, & Mantis Green.


Mad Oils has something I’ve never seen any where else-Lemon Extra Essential Oil.  When I placed my last order with them, I was curious if it would smell different from Lemon 5 Fold, and they were kind enough to send me a sample to try.  I love folded Lemon which smells like lemon candy, but Lemon Extra smells like fresh squeezed lemonade!  I’m currently testing it CP soap, and so far 3 weeks later, it is holding strong.  I also really love their Bazooka Jo pink mica.  It’s a lovely pastel pink that is almost iridescent in CP soap.

Pastel Citrus Rainbow-uses Mad Oil’s Bazooka Jo mica


Wholesale Cosmetic Pigments has the most beautiful white mica I’ve ever seen!  It doesn’t add any color, but it will make your other micas glitter like never before.  I’ve used their Glitter Pearl Mica in almost every Christmas soap I’ve made this year to add an “icy” effect to the colors.   I wish it showed up better in pictures, but trust me when I tell you I got a lot of “Oohs” & ‘Aahs” at the craft festival I did this Fall when customers saw how sparkly my soaps where this year.

Peppermint Stick-uses Wholesale Cosmetic Pigment’s Glitter Pearl


Last, but not least is TKB Trading.  I had given up on using Titanium Dioxide in soap since no mater what I did, I got little white speckles.  Then I came across their Lip Liquid-TD predispersed in castor oil, and now I have white soap with no speckles!  I love this TD in castor oil so much, that I went through a 4 oz bottle in less than a month, and I reordered their 16 oz bottle to make sure I didn’t run out anytime soon.  I also like to use their Black oxide predispersed in castor oil to darken black and gray micas.

Mojito-uses TBK Trading’s Lip Liquid-Pigment White


Remember to support your favorite small business, and thank you for supporting mine!


5 thoughts on “Small Business Saturday 2014

  1. Wow wow wow! Love the burst of colors and the awesome swirls of all your soaps! I am sure your soaps were flying off the shelf at the festivals. They are so eye catching and the scents sound really good! 🙂

    • Thank you!!! 🙂 I did some really big festivals this fall, and I wanted my soaps to stand out in the crowd. I probably went overboard with buying tons of micas, but I know I will use them all since they are all so pretty.

      • I checked out Wholesale Cosmetic Pigments. They had a Black Friday 10% sale but I didn’t get any as there was little info on which ones were CP soap stable. 🙂

      • I have a few of Wholesale Cosmetic Pigment’s micas, and all but one( orange yellow-it turned a weird beige-yellow) were soap stable. Fuchsia & Honeysuckle are very pretty pink in CP soap with Fuchsia being a slightly lighter and cooler pink. Pink Hot Pink & Pink Red Violet were also soap stable with Pink Hot Pink slightly browner & Pink Red Violet being slightly purple. Saffron stays a very pretty orange color, and Satin Orange Yellow is a darker burnt orange color. On her website, those 6 colors are shown in my CP soap since I emailed her my pics since I know none of us want to buy new micas unless we can see how they perform in CP soap. Black Satin Pearl is soap stable too. Send me an email if you want me to send you the pictures. 🙂

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