Chomp & Stomp

Poor little blog is very neglected, and this is just a quick update.

Weather permitting, we will be at Chomp & Stomp in Cabbagetown tomorrow.  The forecast has greatly improved overnight, but if it worsens, I will update Facebook on whether or not I will still be attending tomorrow.

Chomp & Stomp/   Cabbagetown, Atlanta/  Nov. 7th/  11am-6pm

We’ll be in booth P4 (between DecoART & Genie Soul on Powel Street).

In addition to our regular products, we’ll also have our Christmas Soaps and Bath Bombs.

Fresh Snow Bath Bombs


Sugar Plum Bath Bombs 



This year’s Christmas soaps will be available too (except the gingerbread which will be ready next week).



My New Hanger Swirl Toy From Great Soap Shop-Part 2 Updated

This post was updated with the picture of the rest of the batch.

I did another batch last night using my new hanger swirl tool from Great Soap Shop.  I poured this one this one at thin-medium trace with 5 colors-black, pink, orange, blue, and green. I alternated black between each color to make the colors pop.


Since I made this less than 20 hours ago, the batch is still really soft and sticky, so once again I only cut 4 bars and let the rest of the loaf sit out to cut later this week   100_1549


Here is the rest of the batch cut 3 days later.  The black is more visible now that the vanilla is starting to darken. I hid the brown of the vanilla EO’s with activated charcoal.100_1558

I really like the way the colors swirl together using her tool.

Next I’m considering trying Kenna of Modern Soap Making’s technique of Modified Mantra Soap Swirl since I also purchased the soap dividers Great Soap Shop for my Brambleberry 10″ silicone mold.  So maybe there will be a part 3 to this post soon.


My New Hanger Swirl Toy From Great Soap Shop

Last year I found some cool bakery/kitchen utensils from Michael’s, and I’ve used several of them make a hanger swirl in my soaps, and they’ve worked great to make a kind of “smokey” swirl.  They were less then $10 at the time.

This was poured at thin-medium trace.



This was poured at just emulsified consistency.  Same utensil just different pour consistency.

Last Christmas Soaps 201365

Although I really like the smokey look both of these soaps, I saw several different beautiful soaps swirled using the hanger swirl tool from Great Soap Shop. The tools are made by the husband of Michelle, owner of Great Soap Shop, and if you’ve read my blog before, you know how I love to support other small/family owned businesses.   So of course, I was anxious to get one, and try it out.  Michelle and I emailed back and forth a few times, and she is very pleasant and easy to work with-always a good sign when you are ordering from someone on-line.  I ordered the tool on Tuesday, and it was delivered to me on Saturday.   Here is Michelle’s YouTube video on using this tool.

I’ve made one batch using it so far, and I was really happy with the swirls.  I poured this batch at emulsified consistency since it’s a spicy Chia Tea soap, and it tends to set up pretty fast with the clove and cinnamon EO’s.



Here you can see the little marks where I used the hanger tool.


And the final soap.


I only cut 4 bars from the loaf (Brambleberry’s 10 in silicone mold) since I made the soap only 20 hours ago, and it been my experience in the past, any bars cut before 48 hours develop a lot of ash, but I wanted to cut these so I could show you how the tool works.

I plan to make a citrus EO’s batch tonight and pour it at thin-medium trace to see how different the swirls look.

I now have two different ways to do the hanger swirl, and I really like the look of soap swirled with kitchen bakery utensils and the new hanger swirl tool from Great Soap Shop. They show how different tools can really affect how the hanger swirl looks in soap.


We’re Having A BIG SALE!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you all for your support!” You have been so kind to tell all your family and friends how much you love Evelyn Rose Soaps, and with your support, we have grown our Facebook following by over 100 likes in less than three months.

So show our appreciation for your support, we are having a BIG SALE! Now through the end of the month, use code FBTHANKYOU to save 25% off your entire purchase of $20 or more at our Etsy store (excludes shipping), and you will also receive 2 FREE lip balms with your order.

Also, if you haven’t yet “liked” our Facebook  page, check it out and see what you think.  It’s the best way to stay up to date on our happenings and sales.  We always post everything to Facebook first.

Thank you again!

IMG_4770   IMG_5937   IMG_6090   IMG_6067

Want to get some FREE lip balm???

I haven’t posted on my blog in so long, I figured you guys deserved to get some free stuff. Here’s how.

Evelyn Rose Soaps will be at Taste of Douglasville at O’Neal Plaza in downtown Douglasville this Saturday May 17th from 1-5 pm.   This will be a great family friendly event with free concerts, free children’s activities, and so many great local vendors and restaurants.  This event is also a major fundraiser for the Douglas County Arts Council’s many community events including their children’s summer and spring break art camps. Dougalsville is easily accessible to most of the Atlanta metro area via I-20 and is about 15 minutes west of Six Flags.

Our booth is A2 across from the MainStage and next to Kaylee’s Bows & Accessories.

We will have lots of great soaps, gift baskets and sets, lotion bars, Dead Sea Salt Scrubs, and lip balms.  We are also currently testing some new certified 100% natural lip balm “flavors”(they add scent but no taste), and I made 4 new lip balms today with 4 new recipes.  The next 20 customers who make a purchase from either my Etsy Store or at the Taste of Douglasville event will receive one free lip balm with their order/purchase. Don’t forget to ask me, and I’ll let you pick which one you get, but this offer is limited to the next 20 customers to make a purchase.

Clear lip balms are Passion Fruit.

Burgundy lip balms are Guava (smells like yummy bananas to me).

Bubblegum pink lip balms are Bubble Gum, of course!  🙂

Pink lip balms are Raspberry.


Make sure to “like” us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest product and specials.   I have a few more natural lip balm flavors I will be testing this summer, and I will post the next sampling opportunity to Facebook.

We will also have a selection of clearance soaps that will be 50% off.

I hope to see you there.

Drop Swirl Soap Challenge Club

I was looking for a new design technique for an all patchouli scented soap.  I wanted a design that would be reminiscent of hippy imagery or at least of hippy imagery that I had seen in reruns of old shows from that time period of Bewitched, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, etc.  I came across Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge Club during my research, and I knew I found the perfect technique that would look groovy and far out!  Since this was a new technique for me, I decided it was best to practice by making a couple of batches of soap that did not include pachouli.  The patchouli I used is very special since I aged it for 5 years, and I did not want to waste it on a failed batch of soap.

Both of my “practice” batches are scented with citrus essential oils since they have never caused any acceleration in my soaps and would give me plenty of time to do the drop swirls.

The first one is a blend of orange and grapefruit with a touch of lime and litsea cubeba since I find both really help to “anchor” other citrus essential oils.  I think I poured the soap batter at too thin of a trace to be a good representation of what a drop swirl should look like, but I still really like this soap and think it’s really pretty.  It was my hubby’s favorite.


Next is my patchouli soap.  Although the soap thicken so fast I thought I was going to end with soap on a stick, I did manage to get it into the mold.  The soap did not look like the drop swirl I was going for, but I think it turned out really groovy.  I used colors that were very popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s-avocado green, dark yellow, cherry red, sky blue all to hopefully evoke a memory of all things hippy.  There was a really neat surprise inside two of the bars….can you see the partridge?


Here’s a close up.


Next was the other “practice” batch I did.  It was my favorite, and the one I am submitting for my entry for this month’s Soap Challenge Club.  It’s scented with an essential oil blend of bitter almond, lime, manuka, and a touch of ginger and vanilla.

Drop Swirl Tower

I really enjoyed this Challenge and will hopefully do it again soon.  It was so neat to see what soapers from all over the world were making.

Winner Of Our First Facebook Contest!

Drum roll, please….We have our WINNER!!!

Josh L. of Douglasville, GA is the winner of our first Facebook contest!

Thank you all so much for “liking” our Facebook page, “following” this blog, and supporting our business. Without my wonderful customers I would just be some crazy lady with a bunch of soaps. 

Little Evelyn (the company’s namesake and logo model) was allowed to stay up WAY past her bedtime to pick our lucky winner, and we even used one of the soap pots to hold the names.


Thank you all again for your support!

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